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PostPosted: Jun.17.11 7:08 pm 
°Site Admin°
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Location: The Future.
ингээд орчуулаад байхаав өвөр монгол хэл үүсч байгаам шт.


PostPosted: Aug.26.11 4:19 pm 
Алдар Сууны Оргилд Хvрсэн
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Joined: Jan.07.04 9:01 pm
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Location: GoD plz...
лаларын писда- cyclope's vagina xD

Stop sayin ok all the time OK

PostPosted: May.24.12 9:15 pm 
Тvмэн Эх Гишvvн
Тvмэн Эх Гишvvн
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Joined: Jan.07.12 3:10 pm
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Ajil gej ustei tolgoinoos ikh! - An affair that is more than a hairy head!
Gar hangalag - Hand satisfaction?
Ungas/Ineed aldah - To lose Fart/Laugh
Hundreh - To go heavy
Honi gargah - To let a sheep out
Mod/Hadaas shaah - To fcuk tree/nail
Chi hamraa uhahaa bolioch! - You, stop digging your nose! = You, stop picking your nose! - Chi hamraa tuuhee bolioch!
Haraal id! - Curse eat!
Bi chamd hairtai/hairgui! - (Lit.) I for you with/without love!
Bloody b!tch! - Tsust gixxxx!
Vagina fart! - Alnii ungas
Silverquick (aluminium) - Mongon hurdan
It scared my hell out! - Minii tam-g gartal ailgasan
I laughed my *ss out - Bi hoshnogoo gartal ineesen
Peace on you! - Deer chin enh taivan!
Hey, what's up! How you doin' ? - Hooe, deer yu bnaa? Chi yaj hiij bna?
Doss cunt! - Manraa utree! ("Doss" ni mash olon salaa utgatai)

(Za ingeed duusgie da. Yos bus ug-ruugee orood yavchlaa, uuchlaarai)



PostPosted: May.24.12 9:45 pm 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул

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Алхам алхамаар ...

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