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PostPosted: Mar.14.11 4:27 am 
Cliffs on our relationship:

-Was good until the end of sophomore year in college (5.5 years ago)
-Were together since the end of 10th grade in high school.
-She got into an Ivy League school and was fully paid, which is not common at all.
-I got in, lol'd at $50,000/yr tuition (not including housing), and went to a state school instead.
-She got pretty ****ing weird during our first semester, and ended up breaking up with me by the end of the year because she wanted to find a guy with the right genes (her exact words) to make good babies and although I was nice and a great guy, I didn't have this magic set of criteria she came up with sometime over the year.

Me since then:

I remember being pissed off that I didn't break it off first, only because of her stupid *ss reason. Went on with my life, graduated, got a pretty ballin' job, and recently applied to med school that I start in August because I was looking for a career change and a few things sparked my interest in the field. Been lifting since college, and currently look pretty ****ing awesome, especially compared to the 40lbs overweight younger version of me. Got heavily into cars, a regular on the track with a bunch of buddies during the nicer months, and pretty much just hang every weekend.

Anywho, I ran into her yesterday.

I was at the museum of natural history in the morning, waiting for my buddy to get off from his overnight so we could drive down to Philly and congratulate two of our friends on their new baby. I get there, see a bunch of his cryogenically frozen animals (which I'm sure PETA would have a fit over) along with some other **** he was working on. He had to finish something up, so I decided to take a quick lap around the place since I haven't been to a museum since I was with that chick. (Though that was the MoMA, I don't think I've been around here since I was in the ****ing 5th grade, lol)

Clearly because I'm ****ing 5 years old, I try to find my way to the fossils to see how ****ed I would be if dinosaurs were still roaming the earth. I checked out a few other exhibitions on my way, since I have no ****ing sense of direction whatsoever, and heard footsteps behind me when I was passing a bunch of crystals on display. Mind you it's like 10am at this point and a Saturday, so I thought it was my friend. Again, because I'm ****ing 5 years old, I hop around the corner and get ready to scare the **** out of him. I hear the footsteps approaching, and right when they were on the other side, I jumped out and yelled, "BBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAARRRRAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!! "

It wasn't my friend, it was a chick. She let out a huge yelp and fell right on her *ss. I immediately started, "Oh!! Oh I'm so sorry, I thought you were my friend!! Oh no!!" because she was holding her face and panting, and I was pretty damn sure that she was going to cry. I said I was sorry like 50 times in the 3 seconds it took me to help her up, and then I heard her say, "Now I know it's you."

Obviously I had no ****ing idea what she was talking about. She moves her hair out of her face after she stands up and I immediately recognize her. I went out with a few girls over the years, but never really let it get to girlfriend status because of this b****'s sudden decision to change things over nothing, and I had other things to focus on than a relationship over the years. I really ****ing hated her, but wasn't all that upset in seeing her, which I immediately put on check mentally because, as I stated before, I hated the **** out of her.

I know I'm rambling, but I think I'm sparing myself a future brain tumor by writing all this right now, so bear with me.

I just go, "Uhh, hey. Long time." Not exactly something I was expecting this morning. She brushes herself off and says, "It's nice to know that someone around here hasn't changed," and chuckles. "Other than...you know...wow." Commenting on my physique.

"Yea, it's what I do to stay healthy." I said.

"That's great. You look great." she replied. She starts asking me about what I'm doing, I fill her in on some cliffs, say I'm heading to med school in a few months to be like the old med student from Scrubs, and she kept saying, "That's great," throughout the whole thing. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was working for a non-profit, does work for them overseas, blah blah blah, pretty much what she was aiming for since high school.

It was then that some older dude walks in from behind her and gives me a really surprised look. Easily in his mid-30s, really skinny, bald up top, wearing a suit and whatnot-I thought he was someone that ran the place. He turns to her and says, "Was that you?" He held her hand and I saw a ring on both of them, so I was hit with an "oh ****" moment. Turns out they were engaged, no date set just yet.

"Yea, I just fell." She then introduces me as one of her high school classmates, to which the guy smiles and shakes my hand. As it turns out, he's an accomplished guy, and from what I got, really nice. I actually would've liked to build a connection with him since I was heading into a somewhat related field, but for obvious reasons I just gave him general details of what I was doing. I mean, he gave me one hell of a list, and I was damn impressed. When he finished up, I said, "Man, you must have some great genes," and laughed. Couldn't help but glance over to my Ex, who was quiet the entire time he was there, and saw her looking at the floor when I said that.

They were museum hopping for the day it turns out, and he insisted that I join them in checking the place out, but I was saved by my friend, who (****ing dick) said he knew I'd be by the fossils as he approached us, and who immediately recognized her and did an awesome job of ending the encounter by apologizing to me that he was making us leave so late.

Someone else called the older dude over (guess they were museum hopping with a group of friends?), and he said that it was nice to meet us, we should sit down some time and have a cup of coffee (no thanks), and told my Ex that he would be with everyone else.

My friend said he was going to call the people we were visiting to let them know we were going to be a little late and did so on the side. I looked at her and said, "Well, nice catching up. See you around," when she let out an ,"Umm..."

Curious, I said, "I'm sorry?"

She said, "You know, I was stupid for what I did. All I ever needed was a good guy, and I messed up."

I just shrugged and said, "Well, don't feel too bad. I've done a lot in the past few years, and I'm not sure I would've been able to do all of it if we were still together, so whatever. You got your man though, he's clearly a great guy, and is bound to have equally great genes. Mission accomplished." I said with a laugh.

"Yea," she said with a light chuckle. "I didn't mean it like that, I just feel bad for myself." Realizing what she just said out loud, she said bye and left to be with her group.

My friend and I were awkwardly quiet as we walked to my car. Got inside, started it up, and let it warm up a bit. He nudged me and said, "You all right man?" It was then that I realized that I wasn't all right, I was ****ing great, and told him so. As I drove away, my friend says, "Awwwww ****. Look at that." Since I'm driving, I say, "What is it?" He turns his head as I pull away to keep looking at whatever it is he's looking at. "Guess who's walking out in tears. And that dude looks pissed." I turn to him and go, "Oh yea?" He gives the world's biggest head nod and just says, "Yup."

Didn't even bother looking in the mirror, I just laughed.

I dunno, it really wasn't a mutual break up back then, and on some level I wasn't over her until that encounter ended. Her face was the definition of shame and regret, and really, **** her for not feeling it sooner. I know this sounds like a huge beta rant, but ****, that **** hurt back then, especially since I was mapping out a plan on marrying her once I graduated when it all popped up. But yea, that happened, and I'm pretty damn happy about it.



-Ex of 4.5yrs dumped me because she wanted a man w/good genes for babies about 6yrs ago.
-Went to museum to pick up friend.
-Ran into ex and fiance.
-Guy was good, her face was the definition of regret.
-As we pulled away, she left the place crying with an equally upset fiance standing at the top of the stairs.
-I'm somewhat satisfied that she was this upset due to it not being a mutual break-up, but ultimately don't give a **** and drive on.

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Nice story,
just waiting for my time...

Science, bitсh!

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I just think you're one of those people who are incapable of true love.

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i think he really loved her? didn't you mundag. Cee Lo Green- Fuk you. yeah fuk you too. sanagdchlaa.

Stop sayin ok all the time OK

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