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PostPosted: Mar.22.09 4:32 pm 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул

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- өнөөдөр юу өмсөв?
- ямар хувцас авмаар бгаа?
- өмсгөлүүд :mrgreen:

зургийн тавьбал илүү бх шүү :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Apr.06.09 6:03 pm 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул
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[ d e a c t i v a t e d ]

PostPosted: Apr.10.09 7:18 pm 
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#MakeUsDream #WeGoAgain

PostPosted: Jun.07.09 11:42 pm 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул
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How to Decide What to Pack for a Vacation
Don't know what to pack? Follow these steps to figure out what to bring.

The first thing you need to do is go to www.weather.com and check the weather for your destination.
Visualize in your mind each day of your vacation. Pick an outfit for that day out of your closet and lay it on the bed or floor so you can see what you have. Repeat this for each day of your trip.
Make a packing list of every little thing you packed so that when you are leaving your vacation you can be sure you have everything. Nothing is worse than realizing you left your cell phone or inhaler at the hotel!
Always make sure to bring something for the unexpected; such as a sweatshirt, or heavy socks.
Pick a pair of shoes that will go with any outfit (Women, this goes for purses, makeup and other accessories as well). No more than two pairs of shoes is a good rule.
Women: when picking makeup, DO NOT bring more than you need and what will fit in your makeup bag. Bring a nice purse that goes with all your outfits. Try not to bring too many toiletries (remember most hotels have shampoo when you get there). Always bring a few "feminine items" just in case.
Pack the suitcase after you've laid everything out and decided in your mind how to pack it. Put the first days' outfit on top and the last days outfit on the bottom. Another option is to make one pile for pants and one for shirts (again put them in the order you will be wearing them with the 1st day's stuff on top).
Put toiletries in an outside pocket if you can. If not, make sure that it's in a waterproof bag that won't leak and get goop all over your clothes.
Remember to pack toilet paper or baby wipes if you will be camping outdoors. If you will be camping indoors somewhere like a cabin, you might want to bring extra toilet paper, just in case.
If you bring electronics, make sure that they are charged and BRING THE CHARGER. This is important for people with cell phones, iPods, DVD players, etc.
Remember to bring headphones. It sounds obvious, but there's nothing worse then a long plane/car/train ride and realizing you're unable to listen to music or watch movies.
One of the most stressful parts of packing when you are traveling overseas is thinking what will happen if you leave something at home. It will put your mind at ease if you focus on the few things you really need, most things are replaceable. If you can, try and find the locations of drug stores, pharmacies, and your country's embassy from your hotel in case of emergency. Carry this list with you, you'll be grateful you have it after you forgot to put on sunscreen and are in desperate need of Aloe Vera.
That's it! Go have fun!

Bring about 4 more pairs of underwear/socks than you need. You never know.
Always pack medicines in a carry on bag that will stay with you at all times... in case luggage gets lost you still have your meds.
If you are flying, DO NOT take prescription medications out of their labeled bottles. There is a chance that they will be confiscated by airport security. You don't want to be experiencing awful withdrawal symptoms for a week on your vacation.
Women: you can stick the pad or pantyliner on the underwear ahead of time if you like. This saves time when you are getting ready.
If you can, keep liquids away from the clothes.
Bring some stuff that will entertain you like an ipod, video games, etc. in case you get bored on a long trip.
Something like a Tide To Go stick is handy when traveling. Make SURE to follow the instructions.
Make sure that the suitcase isn't too heavy BEFORE you leave to prevent hassles at the airport.
Use travel sized shampoo bottles so you don't have to bring huge bottles
I like to carry my clean underwear in a Zip-Lock so that they don't pick up crumbs or dirt from the suitcase.
Bring a small trash bag for the dirty clothes.
Squeezing the bottle of liquid (e.g. shampoo) until most of the air is out prevents exploding bottles.
Always put bottles of liquids, gels, or creams in a plastic bag in case they leak.
Leave a little extra room in one of your bags or bring and extra empty bag because we all know we buy stuff when we are on vacation and you want to make sure you have room for it
Sewing kit (you never know).
Find out what the weather will be like so you can be prepared with extras like umbrellas or sunblock.
Bring the addresses of your loved ones, so you can send them some nice postcards.
Take advantage of this, and don't stress if something happens to your clothes or shoes!

Do not pack the bag so full that things can easily get caught in the zipper.
Don't forget deodorant.
Rolling shirts and pants increases wrinkles, so only do it if you don't care about wrinkles

Things You'll Need
breath mints/gum
glasses (prescription/sun/reading)
book bag for children:
coloring books
bug repellent
sun block
brush/hair accessories
swim suits
your credit card and your passport (VERY IMPORTANT)
copies with you AND at home of all important documents.


PostPosted: Jun.08.09 12:23 am 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул
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za uuriinhuu medeh joohon tips-s bichey...
-classic accesories(huvtsas,zuult,gutal,tsunh...)-tai bvl ymar ch nuhtsuld,ymar ch ued,ymar ch huvtsas-nd zohitsdog.tiimees huvtsasnii shikav-nd chini zaaval iim turliin huvtsas bh yostoi.
classic huvtsas ni dr ymar ch yum umssun zohitsdog.mix and match hiij bolno.
-ihenh humuus uuriinhuu galbiiig medehgui, huvtsaslalt ni dree aldaa gargaj uuriiguu evgui haragduulah ue bdg...uuniig anhaarch huvtsaslaval mun zohimjtoi.
hervee mix and match hiih gej bga bol hed heden yum ni dr anhaarah yostoi....
-hervee print-tei huvtsas umsuhuur bol busad accesories, huvtsasaa plain buyu heegui,tsulgai dan ungiin huvtsas accesories hereglevel zohimjtoi bdg.jishee ni print-tei yupka,palaj umsvul deeguur umsuh tsamts,tirko, gutal geh met zuils ni printgui bvl zgr bdg.
-bas printuudiig holij umsuj boldog,tghdee teriig tohiruulj zohitsuulj umsuhud joohon berhsheeltei bdg...iim tohioldold bold print-tei huvtsasnuudaa holij umsuj bolno,ternees gadna bas zagvar,material ni bie bieteige tohirch avtsaldah yostoi.
-yr ni huvtsasaa neg adilhan unguur bugdiig ni dagnah zohimjgui...jishee ni ulaan tsamts,ulaan umd,ulaan tsunh,ulaan oims,ulaan gutal geh meteer huvtsaslaval ontsgui bdg.ali boloh 2-s 3,4n ungu holij umsvul zgr bdg.tgd yrunhiiduu 4-s deesh ungiin huvtsasiig holij umsvul bas neeh saihan haragddaggui...zarim tsuuhun tohioldold,zohitsuulj chadval zgr bdg.
-bas neg bodoj uzej boloh yum gevel...humuus bariu umd umsuud,bariu tsamts umsuud,...buh yumaa bie barisan bolgood huvtsaslah tohioldol ih bdg...ene ni neeh shn haragddaggui.yahav saihan bietei ohidod galbir gargasan bj boloh ch buh humuust, ihenh tohioldold shn setgegdel turuuldeggui.ali boloh bariu umd umssun bol,arai sulhan tsamts umsuh ch yumu.bariu yupka umssun bol arai sulhan tsamts umsuh...esvel urgun umd umssun bol bariudu navsgar bish,tsemtsgerduu tsamts,podvolk umssun ni zgr bdg.
-aan bas neg anhaarah zuil...print-tei holbogdoltoi.print bas hoorondoo zohitsolddog print,zohitsolddoggui print gej bdg.tedgeeriig oilgotson,medej bvl bas huvtsaslalt-nd chini duhum boloh bh.
-eregtei hunii sorochkan tsamtsnii hee, kostum pidjaknii hee,ungu mun zangia ni hoorondoo bas zohitsoh heregtei.
-hervee emegteilegduu sarpanchik,palaj umssun bol deeguur ni umsuh jacket-iig ynz ynzaar zohitsuulj umsuj boldog.ihenh humuus bodohdoo,daruuhanduu,tsulgai,urduuraa tovchtoi,(cardigan)tiimerhuu tsamts l umsuj bolno gej boddog bh...harin iimerhuu palaj,sarpanchik dr songolt olon bdg.cardigan umsuj boldog,mun jeans-n jacket,leather jacket,kostum-nii pidjak,..g.m. zunduu turliin jacket,tsamts umsch boldog.

zaaza ushuu yum sanaand orvol bichey... :mrgreen:


PostPosted: Jun.09.09 2:00 am 
Ахмад Гишvvн
Ахмад Гишvvн
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hicheeldee yavahjagan


PostPosted: Jul.20.09 1:26 pm 
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Image :hihi:

Save the nature!

PostPosted: Oct.14.10 12:51 pm 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул
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jordan puuz jordan malga jordan short jordan podpolk bandaash mine hurtel jordan bailaa da

MVP for a reason !

PostPosted: Jan.23.11 10:18 am 

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PostPosted: Jan.31.11 9:03 pm 
Эзэрхийлэн Эзлэгч Гишvvн
Эзэрхийлэн Эзлэгч Гишvvн

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яг одоо гэвүүл¨

хар иртүүз
хар урт майк
хар ноосон оймс

PostPosted: Jul.28.11 5:25 pm 
Асуулт Самбарын Ахлах Манаач
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подоолк, бандааж хөнжил. :razz:


PostPosted: Nov.28.11 10:29 pm 

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Хар тирко
Хар Дрэсс өмссөн юм байна

PostPosted: Nov.28.11 11:04 pm 
Дvрэлзэх Дөл Гишvvн

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цагаан майк
оронжи бандааштайга


PostPosted: Dec.03.11 8:58 am 
Асуулт Самбарын Хvндэт Харуул
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Yag odoo bol untglagiiin omd tsamtstaigaa l suuuj bna shdee,,,
Xicheeldee bol palito, jeans, ugg omssiiin bna,

Keep Moving Forward!!! ^^

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